Karin Skoog - Nomadic Global Indie Independent Game Developer

Karin Skoog in Angkor Wat, Cambodia


Contact: karineskoog@gmail.com

I am a nomadic independent game developer. I traveled to 7 countries in 2017 across the Asia Pacific while developing my first indie game (including Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Korea, New Zealand and Australia).

  • I do freelance consulting work on games, primarily AI Design, Game Design and Narrative Design, . Please reach out if your team is in need of designer or simply, a “second pair of eyes!”

  • I am also available to speak on video game industry topics at events worldwide. Please see my Speaking page for more information.

Experience:Video Game AI Design Expert Consultant Behavior Trees

I am an AI Designer/Game Designer with 5+ years of experience in the video game industry:

  • I have extensive experience as Game Designer, Narrative Designer, Systems Designer & Systems Programmer, from my work as an independent developer.

  • I served as an AI Designer/Game Designer at Avalanche Studios in Stockholm, Sweden (using in-house behavior trees).

  • I specialized in AI Design during my game design education (using Unreal Engine 4).

  • I worked across AAA and indie studios in Game Localization, Narrative Design, and as a Producer/Designer.

My tool experience includes Unity 5, Unreal Engine 4, in-house game engines, C#, scripting, behavior trees (AI design work), Photoshop.

My interest in games stems from childhood. I played a lot of educational PC games, as well as games on the Game Boy, N64, and SNES. I made a deal with my dad when I was young – I would study for an upcoming test if I could get an N64. He never made a bargain like that with me again! Before working in the game industry, I started out working retail at E.B. Games and Gamestop.

I sometimes play games in other languages when they are localized into Spanish, French or Swedish.

Programming Skills:ParadoxScriptingMods
I studied elements of computer science off and on since I was young, spanning from Java to C#, as shown in the timeline below.

I pick up languages quickly – after a week of instruction in Unreal 4’s blueprint system, I scripted a small PC game. I also learned Paradox’s original scripting language in a day so I could mod Europa Universalis IV and Crusader Kings II.

You can see an overview of my experience with computer science below:

Logo Programming Language

In elementary school, I learned the fundamentals of programming with Logo.


During high school, I taught myself HTML to customize my MySpace. I quickly learned the importance of optimization after overloading my page with slideshows and special effects.

Robotics Team

I was on my high school Robotics team and competed in 2 competitions.

AP Computer Science (Java)

I took a college level computer science class (Java) in my last year of high school.

Coding Meetups & Private Unity Lessons

While working as Associate Producer in San Francisco, I took private lessons in C# & Unity. I also went to Women Who Code meetups at Kabam and other game studios in order to learn more about Unity and Javascript.

Started Game Design Program

In 2014, I quit my job as Associate Producer to move to Sweden and study Unreal and Unity full time.

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