AI Project

AI Project

Gameplay/AI Programmer (C++)

Engine: Unreal Engine 4
Platform: PC
Role: AI Designer, Gameplay Programmer (C++), & Level Designer
Total Scripters/Designers: 1
Project Timeframe: Summer 2015

The main purpose of this project was to practice making different kinds of AI systems, learn more about extending the Unreal 4 engine with C++, and improve my C++ coding skills.

This project was created as part of my specialization in AI design and implementation in C++ at FutureGames. My mentor was Andreas Persson, AI Designer at EA Dice and formerly AI Designer at Avalanche Studios.

I created this level myself using free assets I found online.

Portfolio Project Screenshot


Gameplay Coding & Animations:
I coded everything from scratch and used premade animations provided by Epic Games for the character movement, which I hooked into the animation system.

Screenshot of Character Header File:
Character Header File


I used assets found online to create this level. Many games I play use cars and road blocks as shields for the player. I wanted to add variation to the areas where the player takes cover, so I found an electrical box and logs to serve as the starting cover areas.

The player begins at the electrical box and works their way around the right side of the level in order to reach the main bunker and deactivate the main doors using the console in front. The design of this level was inspired by Star Wars IV: Return of the Jedi (in particular, the Battle of Endor scene where R2-D2 tried to open the bunker doors).

Portfolio Project - Overview Map_new3

Level Flow:
1. Spawns at Spawn Point: Electrical Box.
2. Takes out Enemy AI Group #1.
3. Sprints to Cover Area: Logs.
4. Takes out Enemy AI Group #2.
5. Sprints through Cover Area: Forest to Enemy Watch Tower.
6. Sneaks up Enemy Watch Tower.
7. (Optional) Takes out Enemy AI Group #4.
8. Goes to mid-level of Enemy Watch Tower and onto top of bunker.
9. Takes out Enemy AI Group #3.
10. Knocks boxes off bunker and onto ground to use as cover below.
11. Descends down Enemy Watch Tower (or jumps down on boxes in front of console) to reach Console area.
12. Hacks into Console between Mech gunfire intervals.

Note: If player chooses to go to the top of Enemy Watch Tower to take out Enemy AI Group #4, the player finds an item that adds to an item achievement total for the level.

Check back soon for examples of my AI design and C++ implementation!

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