Design Consultant
I consult on apps & games for companies globally. My consulting work includes:

  • AI Design (link to my experience at Avalanche Studios)
  • Game Design
  • UI Design/Review
  • Narrative Design
  • Monetization strategy
  • Or, simply helping out when your team needs a “2nd pair of eyes.”

Business Savvy
From my MBA degree and years of experience in game localization, I also have knowledge of:

  • The international marketplace
  • International business
  • Branding/rebranding
  • Potential localization issues.

I am adept at Unreal Engine 4, Unity 5, proprietary engines & tools, Unreal’s blueprint scripting, C#, behavior trees, SketchUp, Photoshop, SVN/Perforce/etc.

Examples of My Work
See how I took a simple question many developers have – “Should I bother localizing my game? If so, which languages should I consider?” – and turned it into a full service solution on the iTunes store!.
Game Design UI Design Consultant Expert

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