Cult Wars

Cult Wars: The Card Game


Platform: Card Game
Role: Designer
Total Scripters/Designers: 3
Project Length: 2 weeks (Fall 2014)

In the great Cult Wars, you are a cult leader and must amass followers by sending out your underlings. But be wary – other cult leaders will try to ruin your reputation and convert your followers as their own. Battle for the ultimate cult in this game of strategy and sabotage!


Cult Wars is a card game created in 2 weeks by 3 designers at FutureGames. The goal was to create a functioning prototype that could be easily understood in 5+ minutes and played by judges from the industry. We iterated the design many times over the first week, maintaining the cult theme while experimenting with different design concepts (such as area control). The game received the highest marks from the judges.

What I would change:
Everyone who saw the game immediately enjoyed it and loved the concept. However, the cult theme could be integrated more into the gameplay. We tested versions of the game where players battled for control over more powerful leaders, but the game lost the fun factor. While the leader concept didn’t translate well to gameplay, we could have constructed a stronger correlation to the colors on the cards and built a storyline around it.

After industry judges played Cult Wars, we received feedback that would give players more agency – the player who starts the round decides whether the round is played clockwise or counterclockwise. I thought this was a fantastic design idea, as it allows players even more opportunities to screw over their opponents due to the number of rounds in an average game.

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