Karin E. Skoog, MBA –
AI, Game & Narrative Designer. AAA & indie experience. Designed animal AI for Avalanche Studios' theHunter: Call of the Wild.
Work Experience
★ Eastshade Studios
June 2018 - Present
Narrative Designer/Scripter
Writing & scripting quests for a PC adventure game.
★ Golden Moose Collective
August 2016 - Present
Indie Designer & Programmer
Oversaw contractors globally. Designed and programmed independent games while traveling across the Asia Pacific. Co-founded with Manne Cederborg.
★ Avalanche Studios/Expansive Worlds
November 2015 - July 2016
AI Designer/Scripter Intern
Designed and implemented AI using Avalanche's in-house behavior tree system, collaborating with programmers, designers, audio, animators/transition coders (to specify animations and transitions), and world artists (to specify world features for gameplay considerations).Contributed to other aspects of the game's design and balancing. Titles worked on: theHunter: Call of the Wild.
★ Voltage Entertainment USA, Inc.
January 2014 - September 2014
Associate Producer
Produced game content by overseeing creative talent and maintaining game schedules. Titles worked on: White Lies & Sweet Nothings, My Lover’s a Thief, Kisses & Curses.

• Oversaw contractors to ensure asset delivery. Guaranteed creative visions were sustained.

• Maintained a running list of assets needed and progress status. Designed every aspect of the game and its UI in conjunction with other team members. Wrote and edited in-game text.

• Ensured features were completed on time. Communicated design to engineers and artists.
★ LAI Global Game Services
April 2012 - June 2014
Game Localization Marketing Specialist
Designed LAI’s app – the Game Market Analyzer (GMA) – in collaboration with DFC Intelligence.

• Managed international teams and mitigated issues to ensure on-time deliverables.

• Increased LAI’s presence & client-base globally by launching the podcast LocaLAIse This! and writing industry articles in the IGDA’s Newsletter and on Gamasutra, earning brand recognition by GREE, Kotaku, National Academy of Video Game Trade Reviewers, and China Daily.
★ Various Studios
February 2013 - January 2014
Game Narrative Designer
Approached by project leaders to script quests for JRPG Echoes of Eternea, in addition to editing game text for other games from Asia.

• Collaborated with narrative designers and project visionaries to bring the game to life by drafting in-game dialogue. Ensured consistency between character voices and personalities; painted a vivid game world by crafting journals, encyclopedia entries, etc.

• Created in-game deliverables ahead of key milestones while maintaining a running list of assets.
★ KitGuru Gaming
November 2011 - July 2012
Game Article Writer & Reviewer
Wrote daily articles about video games (150+ total) at KitGuru Gaming:
★ FutureGames
Game Design & Scripting
FutureGames provides an intensive, hands on education, requiring deep knowledge of Unreal 4 and Unity. I used Unreal's blueprint system and C# in Unity to develop games. Courses taught by Unreal expert Sjoerd de Jong.
★ Monterey Institute of International Studies
Master's of Business Administration, International Management
The Middlebury-Monterey Institute's business program is the top 14th ranked entrepreneurship program by Entrepreneur Magazine. The education includes extensive study of managing businesses across different regions and cultures.
★ San Francisco State University
Bachelor of the Arts, Comparative Literature
Commercial Releases
★ Eastshade Studios
Eastshade - Narrative Designer & Scripter (not shipped)
★ Avalanche Studios/Expansive Worlds
theHunter: Call of the Wild - AI Design/Scripting (shipped)
★ Paradox Interactive
Cities: Skylines – QA work via FutureGames (shipped)
★ Crispon Games AB
Galactic Inheritors – Edited in-game text (shipped)
★ Fatshark Games
Bloodsports.TV – QA work via FutureGames (shipped)
★ Voltage Entertainment USA, Inc.
White Lies & Sweet Nothings – Associate Producer (shipped)
★ Voltage Entertainment USA, Inc.
My Lover’s a Thief – Associate Producer (shipped)
★ Voltage Entertainment USA, Inc.
Kisses & Curses – Associate Producer (shipped)
★ E.o.E. Games
Echoes of Eternea – Quest Designer & Writer (not shipped)
★ LAI Global Game Services
Game Market Analyzer (GMA) - Designer (shipped)
★ GameDev Bali
April 2018
Bali, Indonesia
I co-presented my experiences traveling the Asia Pacific while developing games.
★ GameDev Kota Kinabalu
March 2018
Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
I co-presented "The Ups & Downs of Indie Development." I also ran an Intro to Unity3D workshop.
★ Game Developers of Wellington
May 2017
Wellington, New Zealand
I presented the progress and learning highlights from Golden Moose Studios over its first year.
★ DevHour
October 2013
Mexico City, Mexico
“El Misterio de la Localización, Descubierto” (The Mystery of Localization, Uncovered) - Presentation about the details of game localization, given in Spanish.
★ Arabic Game Jam
May 2013
Malmö, Sweden
“Creating Culturally-Based Games for the MENA Market” - I was invited to present at the Arabic Game Jam about developing video games for the Middle East/North Africa region.

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