Game Market Analyzer App

Game Market Analyzer (GMA)
App Design

Organization: LAI Global Game Services (LAI)
Role: Designer/UI Designer
Release Date: January 2016
Platforms: iPad/iPhone (view app on iTunes)

This app was created to help game developers and publishers identify key markets for localizing their games into other languages. Since cost is a key concern for localization, the GMA helps companies make informed decisions regarding their potential return on investment.


I saw the need for this app while working as the Game Localization Marketing Specialist at 25+ year old game localization company, LAI Global Game Services. LAI had clients ranging from Ubisoft to Sony, however, potential new clients were uncertain whether financial benefits could be obtained from localization, particularly when considering languages outside of the commonly translated languages (EFIGS – English, French, Italian, German, Spanish & CJK – Chinese, Japanese, and Korean).

CONCEPTUALIZING THE APPGame Design UI Design Consultant Expert
I was the driving force behind LAI Global Game Service’s & DFC Intelligence’s app, the Game Market Analyzer, a free tool that helps developers easily assess the optimal markets & languages for their games worldwide.

As a localization specialist, developers frequently asked me whether game localization was worth the cost, as well as which languages they should localize to.

I realized there had to be a solution to:

      1. Give developers peace of mind when spending their development dollars on localization
      2. Bring LAI’s unique services to the mobile marketplace
      3. Position the company as an authoritative source on game localization and publishing.

I took developers’ questions and turned them into a full-service solution.

Today, the GMA app serves as:

  • A branding opportunity
  • Matchmaking service between developers, publishers, and third party service providers
  • The ONLY accurate predictor of anticipated ROI for localization

I brainstormed features for the app and pitched the concept to LAI’s CEO. Since the value of the app is in the data, I proposed potential strategic partners who could supply the data we needed.

Ultimately, we secured a leading market data provider, DFC Intelligence, as a strategic partner.

Designing GMA

      1. I determined that users should be able to input key information (such as game platform, genre, and target age & gender) so the app would yield accurate market penetration estimates by region and language, based on market data.
      2. I brainstormed and wrote a list of app features.
      3. I sketched designs and reworked the design of the UI flow to decrease the number of steps a user took to see results.
      4. I created example images of these initial concepts. (See screenshots below.)
      5. I discussed these images and UI flow with LAI’s CEO.

The concepts I initially drafted include select features that will be added to the app at a later date, including;

  • A feature where users can upload a game’s strings directly to LAI (by way of the app) and
  • Track their project’s localization progress through LAI’s proprietary tools, by way of the app.

My Initial Concepts

How the Initial Design Changed
One area where my concept differed from GMA as it is today, is that I initially designed a paid version of the app, where some data was accessible with a free trial. After collaboration on the concepts, we realized that by adding sponsors, we could deliver the same value to users at no additional cost!

This makes GMA the only accurate localization ROI predictor on the market!

Final GMA Screenshots


Director of Global Publishing at LAI Global Game Services:

CEO at LAI Global Game Services:
LAI Recommendation - David Lakritz

Field Engineer at Unity Technologies:
LAI Recommendation - Arturo Nereu

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