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I taught myself Paradox’s proprietary scripting language in a day and scripted historical events for Europa Universalis IV and Crusader Kings II. Events in these games are essentially pop ups and can be triggered by a variety of factors. These events give extra historical background and cause the player to make decisions that affect the game.


Europa Universalis IV Mod

In the screenshots below, you can read the text I wrote for 3 different events based on the rule of Mary of Guise and Mary, Queen of Scots. For these events, I researched historical facts and decided how political implications could positively and negatively impact the player. I taught myself Paradox’s scripting language in order to make these events trigger in-game and give the player specific effects depending on their decisions.


The event “Mary of Guise Takes Power” is one example of how my game text ties into the effects incurred by the player. The event describes how Mary promoted Catholicism upon taking power. This is reflected in the player’s effects: If the player crowns Mary as queen, local missionary strength increases, religious unity decreases, and Protestant rebels increase. These effects are intended to emulate the unrest that would have occurred in real life when Mary tried to change the national religion in Scotland.

  • Euiv-Mod-Mary-Queen-Of-Scots-Flees
  • Euiv-Mod-Death-Of-Mary-Of-Guise
  • Euiv-Mod-Mary-Of-Guise-Takes-Power

I built further upon the consequences of Mary of Guise’s rule in “Death of Mary of Guise.” In this event, I describe how Mary’s attempts at religious conversion were largely ineffective and that her death brought about Scotland’s reformation as a Protestant nation. Thus, if the player elects to forge the treaty and instate Mary as Queen of Scots, religious unity increases and Protestantism becomes the new state-religion of Scotland.

Crusader Kings II Mods

Crusader Kings is a strategy game that deals with social elements of society during Medieval times. In this game, the player may choose marriage arrangements as a strategy for gaining political power and bestow titles upon others while attempting assassinations. Characters inherit traits and skills, though other traits may inflict characters at given points throughout the game, such as paranoia or leprosy. Some game text may change due to the player’s current trait.

Dancing Mania Event
I thought it would be fun to write events based upon historical phenomenons in the Middle Ages, since event texts are written in such a creative style in Crusader Kings. One of the events I wrote and scripted was Dancing Mania, a strange occurrence between the 14th and 17th centuries where people danced, seemingly uncontrollably.

I added variety to the event by writing 6 pieces of text based on the player’s current affliction – paranoia, drunkenness, possession by Jesus, possession by Satan, leprosy, or no current trait. I scripted the probability a player would become inflicted with Dancing Mania, increasing the likelihood if the player was, for example, stressed or ill. I also scripted the event so it would negatively affect player stats.

  • Ckii-Mod-Health-Event-Dancing-Mania-Paranoid-Trait
  • Ckii-Mod-Health-Event-Dancing-Mania-Possessed-Trait-Voice-Of-Jesus
  • Ckii-Mod-Health-Event-Dancing-Mania
  • Ckii-Mod-Health-Event-Dancing-Mania-Possessed-Trait-Voice-Of-Satan
  • Ckii-Mod-Health-Event-Dancing-Mania-Leper-Trait
  • Ckii-Mod-Health-Event-Dancing-Mania-Drunkard-Trait

Witchcraft Event
Another common occurrence in the Middle Ages was the belief that people could be inflicted by witchcraft. I wrote 4 different texts depending on the player’s current trait, such as paranoia, depression, lunacy, or no specific trait. Since I wanted the witchcraft event to be separate from other religious attributes, I scripted the event so it wouldn’t trigger if the player’s character is religious or already possessed by Jesus or Satan. I scripted it so the player would more likely be afflicted upon being, for example, more of a mystic or stressed.

  • Ckii-Mod-Health-Event-Witchcraft-Paranoid-Trait2
  • Ckii-Mod-Health-Event-Witchcraft-Lunatictrait
  • Ckii-Mod-Health-Event-Witchcraft
  • Ckii-Mod-Health-Event-Witchcraft-Depressed-Trait

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