Narrative Designer

Karin-Skoog-Video-Game-Narrative-Designer-Freelance-Remote-ConsultantCurrently available for Narrative Design work.

Professional game industry writer since 2011. My experience spans across AAA & remote indie teams, shipping 10+ commercial games.

Strong scripting skills (C#, C++, proprietary languages), extensive game engine experience (Unity 5, Unreal 4, proprietary engines).

Also credited as AI/Game Designer on Avalanche Studios’ theHunter: Call of the Wild, listed by Rock, Paper, Shotgun as a top 100 Steam game of 2017. (Rated 7 of 10 from 10,700+ players. Read the detailed account of my AI Design work.)


  • Quest Writer & Scripter on story-driven game Eastshade. View the official trailer or check out the Steam page. I highly recommend viewing more details on my portfolio page. (Contact me at to gain access.)
  • Narrative Designer/Editor on 3 visual novel mobile games at Voltage Entertainment USA (one of the top visual novel game companies in Japan). More details available on my portfolio page.
    • Created an entire worldgame bible, 20+ character sheets, 3 playthroughs outlines (branching paths for 6 major characters). (Rated 4 of 5 stars from 2,400 reviews.)
    • Managed remote writer teams, providing detailed narrative outlines with player choices – plus, how choices impacted relationships/branching stories. Edited scripts.
    • Created storylines for 2 games with pre-existing worlds & characters. (White Lies 3 of 5 stars of 4,350 reviews. My Lover’s a Thief 4.5 of 5 stars of 270 reviews.)
  • Quest Designer on indie JRPG Echoes of Eternea (unshipped).
    • Collaborated with remote Narrative Designers, ensuring quests fit into a pre-existing game bible and main story, maintaining consistency of character voices.
    • Incorporated feedback from project leads & Narrative Design team. Wrote branching paths & quest rewards.
  • Game editor for multiple games from Asia, including an MMO.
  • 3 degrees – B.A. in Comparative Literature, Game Design diploma, and M.B.A. in International Management.

Bonus Round

  • Experienced independent developer, across narrative design, systems design, level design and systems programming.
    Seasoned indie developer
  • Wrote 150+ articles & reviews about video games for UK-based tech site, KitGuru Gaming.
  • Wrote a 60,000 word manuscript – young adult fantasy fiction.
  • 8 Gamasutra-featured articles. Here’s a small sampling of my work:
    Video Game AI Designer Article Writing
  • Ongoing writer of game localization topics & deep dives into global game markets for game publisher and localization company LAI Global Game Services.

  • Multiple journalists reached out because of my game localization articles, which led to features in The China Daily and HowStuffWorks Tech, as well as publishing in a textbook.
  • Published in a book (as a teenager), chronicling my experiences raising puppies for Guiding Eyes for the Blind.

Writing Samples – In-Game Events

EVENTS: Historical & Scripting – EUIV Mod

I modded Paradox’s Europa Universalis IV (EUIV) & Crusader Kings II (CKII), adding in-game events.

I researched historical events and decided how political events could impact the player. I taught myself Paradox’s scripting language in a day to make these events trigger in-game and inflict players with specific effects, depending on their decisions.

EVENTS: Historical & Scripting – CKII Mod

I thoroughly enjoyed writing event texts for Crusader Kings II since they are written in such a creative style. One of the events I wrote and scripted was Dancing Mania, based off of a strange occurrence between the 14th and 17th centuries where people danced, seemingly uncontrollably.

I wrote the same event in 6 different ways, depending on the player’s current affliction – paranoia, drunkenness, possession by Jesus, possession by Satan, leprosy or no current trait.

Writing Samples – Dialogue

DIALOGUE: Action/Comedy & Level Design

The following writing samples are from a design document I created in 2014. I blocked out the level in SketchUp.

To view the full design document, see my portfolio page.


Additional writing samples available upon request.