Voltage Entertainment USA

Voltage Entertainment USAKisses & Curses

Associate Producer/Designer

Platform: iPhone, iPad, Android
Games: Kisses & Curses, White Lies & Sweet Nothings, My Lover’s a Thief
Total Team Size: 4

Voltage creates mobile games for women and is the largest producer of romance sims for women in the Japanese market. The San Francisco branch creates both localized and original titles for the American market.


In my role as Associate Producer, I developed creative aspects for overall plot, game art, game mechanics, and social aspects, ensuring creative visions were successfully implemented and sustained throughout all stages of the development cycle. I kept game schedules on track, working around issues that arose with contractors, sometimes making necessary changes in-house to achieve key milestones. I tracked KPIs, facilitated work with external contractors, tested various elements of games, and managed other aspects critical to the project lifecycle. I worked on 3 shipped titlesWhite Lies & Sweet Nothings, My Lover’s a Thief, and Kisses & Curses.

Voltage games are visual novel style romance games. Games are story-based, requiring the player to make choices that change the dialogue. Player choices throughout the game also determine which ending the player receives. As Associate Producer, I determined the weight of these dialogue choices and decided upon the game’s storyline using pre-existing characters. I communicated the plotline and specific writing points to freelance writers, and I created design documents for character clothing and art backgrounds, instructing both in-house and freelance artists what to include in the game’s images. Alongside creative and design tasks, a large part of my position required scheduling and project management responsibilities while being aware of budget constraints.
white liesMy Lover's a Thief

Design Work:
I took on more design work for Voltage USA’s first F2P title, Kisses & Curses. This required group collaboration in addition to individual work, particularly as we decided how best to monetize the first F2P game.

I determined the flow of the UI and constructed the user experience, identifying and implementing ways to engage the player more in the story. While developing a new framework for the game, I worked closely with another Associate Producer to create multiple storylines, characters, art, and the game’s store. I found new writers, and I wrote documentation to introduce them to Voltage’s writing specifications. Since we started the game from scratch, I collaborated with artists and engineers to explain our needs and to determine what was possible in developing this new title.

A particular design challenge for this game was determining how to give players more choices (leading to secret scenes and branching paths) while minimizing extra costs specific to those scenes. (The below image features the closet system we developed specifically for this new title.)
Kisses Store

Cultural Differences:
An interesting cultural difference between American and Japanese games is the belief that the player sees themself in the role of the main character more when the character’s eyes aren’t shown. In the 3 images below, you can see I constructed scenes where the main character in White Lies & Sweet Nothings was in creative situations with Ethan, but her eyes are always hidden:

White Lies is a game based upon the Japanese title My Forged Wedding. An ad in Japan for the game can be viewed below:

forged wedding itunes

forged wedding ad


Producer at Voltage Entertainment USA:
Laurence Recommendation

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